Dead-2-Red results

Hi everyone,

congratulations to the two King’s Academy teams for finishing the Dead to Red relay race: Team Al-Wahdah and the King’s Academy student team.

Dead2Red King's Academy students Team 02 

The King’s Academy student team completed the 242 km of the race in 18hrs: 20mins, finishing 6th place out of 16 teams and winning the ‘Best School Team’ award.

Team members (from left to right):

1- Noor Masannat
2- Reed Ghandour
3- Sarah Al-Muhtsaseb
4-Faisal Al-Tell
5- George Steele
6- Raja Badr El-Din
7- Hasan Abu- Kharma
8- Carlos Abellanosa (Team Captain)
9- Mohammad Foda
10- Ghaith Sandouka
11- Mansour Ghotto

Team Al-Wahdah which was composed of King’s Academy teachers and junior fellows completed the race in 18hrs: 8mins, finishing 5th place out of the 16 teams that participated.


Dead 2 Read Faculty Team

Team members (from left to right):

1- Tifanny Norman (front row)
2- Nancy Ann B Little (front row)
3- Lindsey Mischner (front row)
5- Georgia Jewett
6- Patrick Dean
7- Joe Zych (volunteer driver)
8- Yasser Sakaji (volunteer driver)
9- William Newman-Wise
10- Samuel Walsh
11- Nayab Khan
12- Pamela Paniagua
13- John Aloian

1st       ARAMEX 14h 57′ 32”
2nd     DASHING DUDES 15h 19′ 32”
3rd      HADDADIN 16h 57′ 25”
4th      POTASH PACERS 17h 21′ 56”
5th      AL WAHDAH 18h 08′ 39”
6th      KING’S ACADEMY (School) 18h 20′ 27”
7th     YALLA FOR GAZA (UNRWA) 18h 25′ 28”
8th      WILD CATS 18h 30′ 44”
9th      JET SCOUTS 18h 52′ 10”
10th   THE SKWINCHYZ 18h 54′ 44”
11th   THE INCREDIBLES 19h 03′ 12”
12th   FRENCH DÉTENTE TONIC TEAM 19h 23′ 57”
13th   ICS (School) 19h 41′ 18”
14th   DNA 20h 00′ 30”
15th   FRENCH DÉTENTE COMIC TEAM 20h 40′ 17”
16th   FULBRIGHTEEN 22h 26′ 35”

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Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen.

Hope to see you there next year


One Response to Dead-2-Red results

  1. BUELA says:

    ¡¡¡¡BRAVO!!!! ¡¡¡¡BRAVISIMO!!!! para estudiantes participantes, para el colegio y entrenador.

    ¡¡¡ANIMO!!! para el próximo año, lo conseguido ya es un punto, fuerte empuje y buen comienzo que hay que mantener. ¡¡¡¡ENHORABUENA!!!!

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